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The HR Service is a One Stop Service, aimed at clients who may not have a designated HR person/s to handle all kind of HR matters from administrative processes, advisory on employment issues & law, recruitment and other HR functions.

HR Administration :

  • Medical check up admin – If Any
  • Employment Contract Preparation
  • Processing In
  • Medical Insurance Report
  • Employee salary calculation, including allowance, overtime, incentive, bonus, THR and others, depending on client’s request
  • Jamsostek and tax (pph21) calculation & report Resume
  • Pay slip Preparation & Distribution
  • SPT Annual Report (1721A1)
  • Q & A administration issues

Additional :

  • Counseling in Industrial Relationship Issues
  • Attend at Company premises regularly to assist managers/employees on HR administration
  • Providing CV’s from our database which have resulted in more than 1000 hiring at our Clients


We work closely with our clients to find out their recruitment requirements. The information required are job description for the vacant position, eligibility information such as experiences, age, educational background , industry background,  salary range; specific skills and work attitude, such as communication skills, persistency etc.


  • Advertisement
  • HITSS data base
  • Head hunting
  • Relevant mailing list
  • SMS


We have available database of senior level manager to be selected by you, which are already interviewed and Assessed


  • Facts gathering
  • Searching through various means
  • Assessment
  • Interview reports of shortlisted candidates
  • Interview of candidates by client
  • Formal offer letter by client ( copied to HITSS)
  • Invoicing


  • Calculation of monthly salary and allowances
  • Monthly and yearend tax calculation
  • Providing monthly resume in excel format


(including formulation of data in official format)

  • Providing  monthly SPT masa – PPh 21 and submitting  to the tax office
  • Providing annual deduction slip (1721 A1) for each employee yearly
  • Providing  BPJS report form and submitting  to the BPJS office *

* Jabodetabek


(including realization of payment)

  • Distribution of salary payment
  • Provide Employee’s payroll slip
  • Payment of BPJS


  • Hitss People Placement Division provides One Stop Service from sourcing, recruitment , payroll, industrial relations handling, and development. We have representatives nationwide to cater to the needs of our branches.
  • Our experienced Consultants is up to date in the latest manpower regulations to prevent and solve manpower issues/problems. As practitioners in their relative field our Consultants are empowered to provide solutions relating to compensations & benefits, work performance, disputes issues.
  • Our experience in various industries, national and multinational provide us with the ability to handle complex problems. Hitss Learning Centre Provide support to develop our outsourced employees.


Our Expert who are leaders and practitioners in human resource can be your “think tank” to design and develop your performance management, compensation & benefits management, company policy and organization development, according to your requirements.

We provide full time or part time services, depending on your needs.

Our approach is consumer focused, serving our clients to the best of our ability. As part of our commitment to develop people to ensure organizations optimum performance, we transfer our knowledge and experience to our clients.


  • Comprehensive assessment method supported by reliable and validated tools, along with personalized service, consisting of fact finding and after service consultation, Hitss People Assessment provide tailored made assessment to help you make the right decisions about your human recources.
  • Our Assessment Reports is written in a systematic manner and is a source of information which will help you in strategizing your human resources.
  • Hitss People Assessment consist of team of experienced psychologists who will help you translate your need and match the assessment with your HR Strategy.


Bases on request by clients, Hitss can provide Harrison Test. It is an assessment system that was developed by Dr. Dan Harrison.  The assessment system has been studied for more than 30 years for use throughout the world.  Hitss used Harrison in questionnaire manually or online.

Harrisson Assessment can be used for :

  • Selection and recruitment
  • Career Development
  • Indications training needs
  • Development cooperation group
  • Development organization

Questionnaire is emailed to the candidate/employee.  The questionnaire is available in several languages including Bahasa.


  • We form a close working relationship with our clients; understand their unique business environment, business objectives, and their human resources problems to provide effectives solutions.
  • Our Training Consultants and Facilitators are practitioners who are experienced in the latest methodologies of people development and are well equipped to provide our clients with the people development plan and program to help them become world class organizations.
  • Each training experience is unique for the participants as our EXPERENTIAL LEARNING method involves emotional, physical and intellectual aspects, enriched with role play, interactive game, group presentation and discussion.

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Facilitator for New Business

  • Office
  • Temporary staff
  • Temporary resident / apartement & vehicle

We have over 100 clients from various industries.